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New Religion & Dimelo (2.30 That party is crazy)

Guys I’m back, so sorry for not posting anymore.. uni started again.. have things to study and it’s hard to post šŸ˜¦

Anyway let me show you some song that I’ve been addicted this week, let me show you my favourite artist so far!

The 2.30min “DIMELO PART” IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The lyrics, that guitar sound in the end.. that beat, that bass..gosh!


I don’t even know from where to start, this song is to perfect, the rhythm, the sounds on it are so perfect, this project was so well done. The Ā “Toca-me, Toca-me, emmmm” Ā (little vocal) sounds so GOOD! This makes me dance and feel like I’m on some party having alot of fun with people and having a good night, I don’t even have words to describe this song haha, it’s so hard to find words!
This is love at first sight haha, this touched my soul, the bass is soooo deep and hard, I can literally feel it on my chest and the vocal is so powerful, everything fits perfectly.

(I hope you are not mad at me that I posted your name hehe) I really wanted to thank you for sharing with me this song and I just wanted to share with another people)

And guys please give some love to POW Media! They deserve it, lets make it bigger! Check them on facebook or on their blog:Ā http://powdigitalmdx.wordpress.com/ ! gogogo

Stay safe!

Alex x