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The best set of Ultra Music Festival!

I want to share with you all this wonderful set of my favorite DJ Steve Angello! Such a massive set, it’s impossible not to like every little detail of songs in this set. This is perfection, art, a masterpiece from God! I really hope I see him one day, it’s absolutely fantastic, the way he puts so much love in sharing with all of us what good music is! People need to be aware that a good festival is not just jumping around 24h, we need to dance, feel the music, have fun with our friends and feel the good vibes and the positive energy and let me tell you something, Steve Angello knows how to make your day 100000% better! Have a look at this set guys, let me know what do you guys think bellow in the comments, like, share , spread the message and make people aware of what good music is!

Without any doubt this is the best set from UMF 2015! Enjoy!

New Religion & Dimelo (2.30 That party is crazy)

Guys I’m back, so sorry for not posting anymore.. uni started again.. have things to study and it’s hard to post ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyway let me show you some song that I’ve been addicted this week, let me show you my favourite artist so far!

The 2.30min “DIMELO PART” IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The lyrics, that guitar sound in the end.. that beat, that bass..gosh!

Addicted once again to The Weeknd songs.

I just got addicted again with The Weeknd songs,this guy is speechless. I don’t even have words to describe his songs,the lyrics,the beat are flawless!

It’s literally 4 in the morning and I’m still awake! I’m just a crazy person who loves to chill at night with some good songs like this one.

Johnny Rain.

And here is my favourite artist! Johnny Rain for me is the best producer, singer everything, his music is flawless, there is always a song that explain a story of my life, moments that I lived and unfortunately I won’t live them anymore. Maybe thats a good thing maybe not, anyway enjoy this god song and check his albums, waiting now for his new album that will be released next year (2015) in January. I will wait even years to hear a song of him, it’s all worth the patience and time.