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Positive Energy

Happy sunday everyone!  I think everyone is pretty sad today because it’s nearly done but lets keep the good vibes guys, I have for you some wonderful songs with such a good Deep Bass, I actually love this style of music because it reminds me the good old times of how my summer used to be in Portugal, go out all nights.. chill with some good music, have fun with my friends, I have so many memories from Portugal.. watch the sunset all days, peeking at the sky.. water, ocean.. beach, wonderful! Summer is my favourite season to be honest, it brings me so much happiness and positive energy! I think you’ll love this type of music guys and that’s why I want to share with you because I want you to think about positive things and feel great! Weekend is ending but keep up the positive vibes! ❤

Let me know which one is your favourite! xoxo







Nicky Romero – Ultra Music Festival 2014 – Full Set

What I found really interesting is how Djs share with all of us new songs and they do everything to make us happy and comfortable. Nicky Romero killed this year, I really loved this set, makes me dance all the time! There is a new song of him minute “54.50” called “Let Me Feel”! Anyway enjoy this, I hope you like it!