Love in The Sky

Remember the old times.. the old moments.. the old routine.. missing everything


14 thoughts on “Love in The Sky”

  1. One of my favourite songs.. Homage to the weeknd, ‘there’s no where to hide don’t over react.. You said you’ve been to the sky … Love music. Loved your post. Love pandora x

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      1. Ahhhh you are so right, i could never pick a fave, atm its between twenty eight and king of the fall. Im so excited your into him.. Yaay much love

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      2. Your super awesome, i love that you love the weeknd and you to are a day one fan. Secondly i just love your knowledge and passion for music on a whole truly deep.. I look forward to connecting with you more xx not on monday tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday, sunday but on…… Haha x

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      3. And you too! Thats so kind of you, really thank you! Yea music it’s like a part of my body hehe, hehe do you have facebook or something πŸ™‚ you need to share with me good music, I see you have a good type of music!
        I was so addicted to Thursday these days omg x ahah literally there wasn;t a day without listening to it haha

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      4. Lol, i was just about to say thursday is the best, and had to check myself all the weeknds albums are the best hes just everything lol. I donr have Fb atm😩, but possibly i might set up a twitter, so if i do then we will stay musically connected on that. But for now we are connected on here which is still awesome. Xx i really love your enthsiasuim for music, its amaze xx

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      5. I’ve been addicted to the weeknd so much, I listen to it more at night.. in these cold nights..its so chill to listen to him πŸ™‚ his music makes me feel in another world! Ofc let me know when u have one πŸ™‚
        Music has been everything for me and I just want to share with you all what I am as a person because basically all songs explain how I am and feel day by day sometimes, and I just want to make you all dance and put a smile on your faces πŸ™‚ Also made this blog because of uni hehe, they told us to make a blog and decided to make about music but I’m so speechless right now because I never thought I will receive so much support, it’s been amazing and I’m so happy! I will post asap more music, now I’m into some examinations with my blog hehe but soon I promise I will post more songs! πŸ™‚


      6. I respect you even more, this post was so beautiful, the depth of it is alot, thank you for sharing so much. My love and support onto you always. Good luck witn exams, do stay in contact give me a shout on new music. I look forward to it all. Love x

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      7. thank you πŸ™‚ you defo need to make a twitter or smth πŸ˜€ I have so much music to share with you all.. soon I will post more. Listening now “Gone” .. so good! Really thanks for the kind comments and for the love xx


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