Steve Angello is the real legend!

Today I want to share with you one of the most biggest DJ, producer and label owner that you may know called “Steve Angello” known also as a member that made part of the big “Swedish House Mafia” group with Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso. This unstoppable trio have made hits such as “Save the World”, “Antidote”, “Greyhound”, “One”,”Miami 2 Ibiza”, and “Don’t You Worry Child.” Unfortunately this insane trio ended at Ultra Miami 2013 on March 24. Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso continued working together under the name “Axwell Λ Ingrosso”.

SHM2Swedish House Mafia

Steve Angello

SA has been on his own doing really huge and quality projects and overpowered songs that made people in festivals go really crazy, I like the way he thinks on his projects and puts so much love and effort and basically we can see through his label “Size Records” that release just quality songs. He doesn’t want quantity, the main topic for him is “quality”, pure art and promoting producers that have a big potential. When I say art I mean in a way of doing all the things perfect but in a simple way, check him on instagram or follow him on facebook and you will see all the perfect images of him on big festivals sharing with us all the love that people give to him and even him to us.Through all those images I can barely understand how much he loves his job and wants the best for us, for his fans! This year Size Records absolutely killed everything, so far all songs that I’ve been listening and all the releases are completely insane with so much harmony and fantastic vocals to make us feel in another world. We can also see the effort of Steve Angello that has been recognized by all world being on 26th place in DJ MAG Top 100 of 2014, climbing 12 places. No doubt he is a legend and he will grow even more with the biggest album that is coming called “Wild Youth”. For now I just want to share with you all one of the best songs on my opinion of him called “Wasted Love” with the grand Dougy from the Temper Trap. The vocal is completely mind’blowing and the video is so original and check the art and sculpture like I said he likes simple things with powerful meanings that make us think while we listen to the song. You should check another songs like: “GODS”, “PAYBACK”, “Children of the Wild (A song from his new album)”.